Ben 10 BEN35610 Glitch Ben Action Figure

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Join Ben 10 and experience the awesome, alien power of the Omnitrix with the Ben 10 Glitch Ben Action Figure. Glitch is an incredible fusion of the techno-alien Upgrade and Ben Tennyson’s own human DNA. Glitch helps Ben on his adventures by heroically maintaining the Omnitrix from inside it! Imagine incredible stories within the Omnitrix for Glitch with his cool hoverboard accessory. At 10cm, and with seven points of articulation, this action figure perfectly replicates Glitch’s futuristic looks and is ready for any adventure you can imagine. Awesome Omnitrix action for 4 and over.


  • Includes Hover Board!
  • Highly detailed and uniquely sculpted!
  • Fully articulated action figure
  • 7 points of articulation!
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