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Ben 10 Ultimate Alien toys are the latest addition to the Ben 10 range. Including all new Ultimate Alien figures and a few new Omnitrix versions, if your child wants to keep up to date, these are must have toys. Don't miss them.

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Ben 10 watches are central to the Ben 10 toy range and a must-have part of any toy collection. They are called the Omnitrix and replicate the alien device Ben 10 uses to transform into his many alien life forms.

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Ben 10 figures are a huge part of the Ben 10 toys range and all fans of the show should have at least a few in their toy collection. There are many versions to choose between but not every one is worth buying.

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The much anticipated Ben 10 Lego toys are finally here. The sets contain between 14 and 24 bricks, including glow in the dark pieces and are recommended for ages 5-12. If you collect all six Lego Ben 10 Alien Force aliens you can combine them into your own morphed super alien.
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Well decorated childrens birthday cakes can be truly stunning. If you have a Ben 10 birthday coming up and have the inclination to try your hand at Ben 10 cake decorating, here are some designs to get you inspired.

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So Who Is Ben 10?

Ben Tennyson is the hugely popular star of the Cartoon Network show called Ben 10. Children have followed him since 2005 when he was just 10 years old and he found the legendary Omnitrix watch. This mysterious watch attached itself to Ben’s wrist and gave him the power to transform into various alien life forms. These alien transformations all have unique super-powers that give Ben the ability to defeat the evil villains who keep threatening the Earth. Since 2005 Ben has been seen as a hero by his fans and they have watched him grow up into the teenager he is today. Along the way the aliens have also evolved giving youngsters a tribe of extraterrestrials to get to know.

Ben 10 Alien Force is the sequel to the original series where Ben 10 is now 15 years old. He has an updated Omnitrix watch and a new set of aliens.

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien, is the third series that began airing in October 2010. It follows the now 16 year old Ben, with yet another Omnitrix called the Ben 10 Ultimatrix. Ben 10 Ultimate Alien toys are now all over toy shop shelves in the run up to Christmas, but buy them early as prices for popular figures can get ridiculous the nearer we get. The range includes more alien action figures than ever before, updated role play toys, vehicles and a new Alien Creation System that allows children to create and combine many alien figures.

Please follow this link for more detailed information on Ben 10 Ultimate Alien toys.

Ben 10 Aliens

By powering up the Omnitrix, Ben can choose to transform into one of his many alien forms. When the series began, there were only 10 such aliens with odd names such as Four Arms and Heatblast. As the episodes progressed more aliens were added to the range and popular characters nowadays include Spidermonkey, Jet Ray and Swampfire.

Ben 10 Villains

There are many villains that Ben and his alien alter ego’s get to fight in the cartoon show. The most powerful of all is Vilgax who wants the Omnitrix for himself to use to take control of the galaxy. The Forever Knights are another enemy who are interested in Ben and his alien technology. The Highbreed are keen to eliminate every race other than their own and there are many other baddies along the way for Ben to hero up for.

Ben 10 Omnitrix

The famous watch that Ben 10 uses to transform into his alien forms is called the Omnitrix. It encompasses a dial that Ben uses to select the best alien for the job at hand and the theory is that the Omnitrix combines Ben’s DNA with that of the requested alien to complete the transformation.

The Ben 10 Alien Force Omnitrix is a different version to that from the original cartoon. The available aliens are displayed holographically from the watch rather than in silhouette as they were before.

The Ben 10 Ultimatrix is the newly regenerated Omnitrix now found in the Ultimate Alien cartoons.

Ben 10 Episodes & DVDs

Each Ben 10 series comprises around 50 episodes split between 4 seasons. DVDs are available for each season as well as a box set of the whole series.

Ben 10 Films

There are a number of films to the Ben 10 brand. The first, an animated feature length adventure is called ‘Secret Of The Omnitrix’. Subsequently there have been two live action films called ‘Ben 10 Race Against Time’ and ‘Ben 10 Alien Swarm’.

Ben 10 Toys

Five years in and all Ben 10 toys are firmly cemented on toy shop shelves. The brand consistently ranks as one of the top ten action figure brands and won both ‘Toy Of The Year’ and ‘Boys’ Range Of The Year’ in 2009. The main elements in this Bandai range are the alien, villain and human action figures and role play models of the Omnitrix, the Ben 10 watch.

The Ben 10 figures are made in various sizes, ranging from 10cm up to 30cm. Each different version has a different feature but most are fully articulate and all are well detailed. There are now even Ben 10 Lego sets of six of the most popular aliens. There are also various versions of the Ben 10 Omnitrix. The Deluxe Omnitrix was a top buy from the original series although is now quite hard to come by, leaving the Alien Force Ben 10 Ultimate Omnitrix currently topping the bill. All versions have different features but the cheaper options are not really worth the money.

Ben 10 games also feature heavily in the toy range. These range from battling games, to board games, video games, card games and puzzles.

All of these Ben 10 alien toys are aimed at boys aged between 4 and 12 years old.

Other Ben 10 Goods

The popularity of the Ben 10 show and toy range has meant that more and more branded goods are being introduced into the shops. You can now buy books, clothes, outdoor toys, Ben 10 bedroom accessories, school equipment and Ben 10 party goods.

Ben 10 Resources

Fansite for Ben 10 Ultimate Alien including games, videos and wallpapers.


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