After six months of waiting, the much anticipated Ben 10 Lego toys are finally here. The following Lego Ben 10 Alien Force figures are available: Chromastone, Swampfire, Big Chill, Jetray, Spidermonkey and Humungousaur. The sets contain between 14 and 24 bricks, including glow in the dark pieces and are recommended for ages 5-12. If you collect all six Lego Ben 10 Alien Force aliens you can combine them into your own morphed super alien.

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Lego Ben 10 Toys

Spidermonkey Swampfire Jet Ray
Humungousaur Big Chill Chromastone

In June 2009 there was exciting news for Ben 10 and Lego fans as Cartoon Network Enterprises and The Lego Group made a deal to bring to market a Ben 10 toys range of Lego. Exact details were sketchy but the range was said to feature new elements with a ‘twist’. We now know these to be the glow in the dark bricks. Early reviews of these sets are positive as they are simple to construct and children love the ability to change the parts with other Ben 10 lego toys to create their own alien.

Lego, the construction toy is still as popular as ever. You know as a parent that you are getting a quality toy that is durable. Lego toys foster creativity and encourage the development of motor skills, role-playing and problem-solving abilities. Children enjoy creating an output – they get a sense of achievement from following the instructions and getting the toy built. Once built they can play with their toy by creating their own imaginary world, perfectly suited to the Ben 10 theme.

The partnering of the huge selling Ben 10 brand with the globally recognised Lego, must mean sure fire success for the popularity of this new Ben10 Lego toy.

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