If your children are into remote control cars, the Turbo Twister RC Car is a must have. It is cool and crazy as it speeds around, flipping, twisting, turning and spinning 360 degrees. Turn out the lights and watch as it illuminates any room with its ultra bright LED lit up wheels.

With some practice, your child can learn to perform thousands of tricks with this ultra fun remote controlled car. It is durable and can withstand the rough ride it is likely to endure. Bash it, crash it and enjoy some amazing stunts along the way.

There are various colours and styles available although you will not be able to choose which one you get in most online shops.

Please click for prices on the full range of Turbo Twister Cars in the UK or the US

The Turbo Twister RC Stunt Car has an easy to use wire free controller allowing you to race or perform stunts and will provide hours of fun. The remote control is fully functional allowing you to turn the car left and right as well as going forwards and backwards. The stunts are amazing and performed thanks to the moving axles and tires. Unlike other RC cars, you don’t need to pick it up and set it straight after a crash as it flips over and over and rights itself. It also works on all surfaces and will not damage your furniture, walls or skirting boards as it is made of silicone. It is 8″ long and comes with a battery pack and charger for greater convenience which charges in 3-4 hours.

On the downside, the music may drive you mad after a while! The antenna on the remote control is also a bit flimsy so warn your kids or they might break it. The charge also does not last very long.

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You’ve probably seen the TV adverts for this crazy remote controlled car that can do spins, wheelies and 360 degree flips. It’s hard to take your eye off the flashing lights and amazing stunts. Buy your Turbo Twister car now if you want to become addicted.

Please click for prices on the full range of Turbo Twister Cars in the UK or the US

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