Meccano makes a number of multi model sets but this Meccano 50 Model set is the largest. This box is packed with over 600 pieces of Meccano for your child to build into over 50 different motorised models, including a massive crane, a cool motorbike, a truck with articulated arm and a huge helicopter (see more images below).

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Why should you buy?

This Meccano Multi Models 50 model set is very advanced combining traditional Meccano qualities of mechanics and movement with functional and attractive designs. There are large chunky wheels to work with as well as cool coloured metal bits.

Meccano is one step up from Knex and Lego, so if you have children who are growing out of these brands, or you want to give them some real world engineering skills, try one of these exciting kits. The skills they will learn will set them in good stead for an engineering career, or even just so they can fix their own bike or car in later life.

Your child will require (or learn!) patience and persistence to perform the careful adjustments necessary to make the vehicle work correctly. This will then be rewarded with a great sense of achievement upon completion.

The resulting motorised vehicles come to life with their real working parts. The movement mechanisms are very sophisticated and will really excite any 8+ year old.

What comes in the Meccano 50 Models box?

As well as the large number of pieces to work with, this Meccano set also includes tools, a power tool, two gear boxes and a 6V battery operated motor. The detailed instructions for 20 models and 30 suggestions are nicely illustrated and easy to follow. Alternatively your child could create his own designs.

Obviously only one model can be built at a time but once completed and played with for a bit, the pieces can be deconstructed and used to make the next creation. This is one gift where you will get your money’s worth in the hours your child will spend playing with it. You can even join in and have some fun yourself.

Notes for purchase: you will need 6 AA batteries to run the motor and power tool which are not included. Click here for a great price on these batteries.

What you can make with these Meccano sets?

These are just a few of the amazing vehicles that can be made with this extensive set.

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All Meccano toys are an ideal way for your child to take an interest in mechanical engineering. Steel plates, nuts and bolts are all combined from what looks like a pile of scrap and turned into exciting machines. The bolts are all easy to tighten.

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If you want to test the water to see if your child likes this sort of toy, they also make smaller Meccano Erector sets of between 2 and 50 models. Please click for the full range.

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