It’s new out and it’s selling like hot cakes. More than 1 million of Sony’s new PS3 Move bundles of fun have flown off the shelves in their first month of sales.

With Christmas just around the corner, you are advised to get yours now to ensure you do not miss out. It is so much in demand that are only letting you buy 5 per household – I’m not sure why you’d want 5 but it shows you how popular it is!

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So what is the PlayStation Move?

The Nintendo Wii was the first to innovate the motion gaming experience. Recently the PlayStation Move and the soon to be released XBox Kinect are offering up some competition. The PS3 Move effectively immerses you into the game. You no longer watch, you are instead an integral part of a dynamic game. The Eye Camera follows your every move of the special Move Controller and the high definition graphics make ‘your’ on screen actions very realistic.

As well as the new Move hardware, a new PlayStation 3 slim console has been released. This has a massive 320Gb hard drive but is almost a third smaller, lighter and less power hungry than its predecessors. If your old PS3 needs replacing, now is the time.

To save yourself both money and time, you are best off buying the hardware for the PlayStation Move in a bundle.

But which PS3 Move bundle should you buy?

If you are new to the PlayStation 3 or you want to upgrade to the new Playstation 3 slim console, you should look out for a PS3 Move console bundle. Prices are rocketing up and down at the moment though as stocks run low. If you can find one for around £300 you are doing well. Other than that you are better off buying the PS3 slim console and the PS3 Move accessories separately.

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The PS3 Move console bundle should include the following to get you started:

  • PlayStation 3 Slim Console
  • Massive 320GB Hard Drive – the largest capacity gaming console yet
  • DualShock 3 Wireless Controller to ‘feel’ your interaction with the game
  • PlayStation Eye Camera that follows your every move
  • PlayStation Move Motion Controller

If you already have a PlayStation 3, then you just need the PS3 Move Starter Pack bundle.

For under £50, you get the PlayStation Eye Camera and Move Motion Controller. You will of course need to buy a Move compatible game to test out your new hardware.

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Save heaps by buying a PlayStation Move bundle

By buying the new PS3 Move in bundle form you will save:

  • around £35 off the RRP on the Console Bundle.
  • around £10 off the RRP on the Starter Bundle.

Which game should you start off with?

With more than 20 Move compatible games currently available and many more expected before March 2011 you will not be stuck for choice. They are available as sports, action, shooting as well as family games with hot favourites being Call Of Duty: Black Ops, Medal Of Honor and Sports Champions.

The Sports Champions Move game is probably ideal for beginners or for families this Christmas. You can get used to the new Controller and let it show off what it does while having fun with table tennis, archery and four other sports events.

Please click for the full list of PS3 Move games

What extras will you need in addition to these PS3 Move Bundles?

The current bundles are not overflowing with accessories so there will inevitably be some bits and bobs that would make your gaming life so much easier. These include:

  • A second Move Controller for multi player games. The console can talk to up to 4 Controllers and a second one really is a must have. (Please click for price.)
  • One or two Navigation controllers. You can use the DualShock controller for your left hand controller, but it is a bit cumbersome. These separate Navigation controllers are more ideal. (Please click for price.)
  • A charging station for your Move controllers so you can charge them up without connecting them to the PS3 console. (Please click for price.)
  • A PS3 Blu-Ray Disc remote control to make your life much easier when you’re watching films. (Please click for price.)
  • A PS3 Eye Camera Mounting Clip to keep the camera sturdy on top of your TV and to help with getting a better angle. (Please click for price.)
  • Various Move shooting guns and accessories for more realistic game play. (Please click for prices.)

What can you do with the PlayStation 3 Move Bundle?

  • Play high definition Blu-ray games
  • Watch high definition movies (Blu-ray and standard DVDs)
  • Access the PlayStation Network for downloading games, movies, chatting with friends, playing mini-games and more
  • Browse the internet via the built-in Wi-Fi
  • Save games and download internet content onto the 320GB hard drive.

Buy Now For Christmas 2010

The PlayStation 3 is powerful, reliable and versatile. It is no longer just a gaming console but rather a full digital media entertainment system. With the latest addition of the Move technology it is clear that the PS3 is not going anywhere anytime soon. For a fun filled family Christmas, make sure you include a new PS3 Move Bundle on your shopping list.

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