Who would have thought that anything called ‘Stinky The Garbage Truck‘ would be on your child’s wish list? Well this cute looking, brightly coloured, transforming truck is loved by children the world over.

All you need to do is push him and he comes to life – this is very exciting for youngsters. He is ready to entertain with lights, sounds and actions that will keep kids guessing as to what he might do next. He talks, dances and sings depending on which sensory spot is activated – what more could you want from a garbage truck?

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Stinky The Garbage Truck Review

Stinky is interactive with a personality all of his own. He has incredible motorised movement and articulation and is full of surprises designed to delight any young boy. He might talk to you, tell you jokes, eat garbage when he’s hungry, dump garbage when he’s full, sing, exercise or ask for high fives – it all depends on his mood. Over 90 phrases and sounds such as ‘Load me up’ and ‘Feed me’ encourage cooperative play with your young one. They can also turn off the interactivity and use this truck as a normal push around toy. It really is fun, fun, fun.

Stinky’s white driver’s cab is moveable and turns like a head. His headlights blink and his front bumper drops like a jaw which is very comical. His front wheels rear up if you touch the right sensory button or can be moved manually. There is also a dumper truck lever to release all of the garbage that he has eaten. It will take your child a while to learn all of his functions, but this is part of the fun. Highlights will no doubt be when he eats up small toy cars and poops them out as well as one rather rude noise! He also comes with a 22 minute cartoon episode featuring Stinky and friends on DVD which makes a nice extra little gift.

On the downside, he is not cheap, needs lots of batteries (4 x C batteries are included) and is quite loud with no volume control in sight. He also shouldn’t be played with outside or in the sandpit for example as dirt will cause him to stop working, as will rough play, so keep an eye out to rescue him if need be. There is little educational value but for a fun toy, you can’t go wrong.

Other Big Rig Buddies

Stinky is part of the Big Rig Buddies range of toys from Matchbox, which are all new interactive toys aimed at children aged 3 years and over. Stinky, Rocky (the Robot Truck), Lanky (the Crane) and Smokey (the Fire Truck) are all over sized, simple to move and come prepared with over 90 phrases and sounds.

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