Lego Duplo is suitable for children aged 18 months to 5 years. This Lego Duplo Deluxe Brick Box contains 102 pieces that will encourage your youngsters to build some very interesting creations. As usual the pieces are big and colorful. Classic bricks are included as are special elements such as 2 minifigures, windows and a base plate to make a house or other building, and a wagon base to make any number of rolling vehicles. There is a booklet full of inspirational ideas to spark off the desired creativity in young minds although you can also find instruction manuals online at the official Lego website.

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Why Choose Lego Duplo?

Specifically designed for younger children, Duplo bricks are big. In fact their volume is 8 times larger than an average Lego brick, so they cannot fit into young ones mouths. They are well built, non toxic and ideal for small hands to learn improved dexterity with continued play. The basic but bright colors are attractive to children but also offer a good learning experience as parents can use them to teach colors. Building with Duplo bricks helps improve hand-eye coordination through hands on, minds on play. As we all know, Lego lasts and lasts so your investment will be a long term one for future children or even grandchildren. It even washes well if sticky fingers get it dirty or drop something on it – what more could you ask for?

Why Choose the Lego Duplo Deluxe Brick Bucket?

This is a great starter set – there are plenty of pieces to make some interesting creations and the wheel base is a firm favourite.

Unlike the themed Duplo sets such as Baby Zoo, Big Farm and Chicken Coop, where the pieces are only really designed to build one set, the Deluxe Brick Box encourages free form building and can be used over and over again to build any number of creations. Self esteem is also strengthened when recognisable forms are created from what is effectively a blank canvas.

As well as the Duplo pieces, you get a colorful and durable plastic storage box with removable lid to use to keep your collection organised. It is big enough to hold more pieces or sets that you already own or you might buy in the future. You can also use it to store creations without having to break them up straight away after play.
Although Duplo is not cheap, it is a quality toy. Cheaper alternatives create frustration in young children when the bricks do not fit or stick together very well, so you really do get what you pay for.

What is missing?

The base plate that is included can be a little small for many creations, so why not invest in the larger one from the outset.

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Lego Duplo is the ideal starting point from which your children can progress on to regular Lego and the more interesting and challenging projects these bricks offer. Lego toys should be child’s play for many of their formative years.

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As well as this Lego Duplo Brick Box, there are also smaller buckets on offer.

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