A couple of weeks ago I tweeted about making time each day to talk to your children. The idea was to ask them big wordly questions, not just about what they had played with their friends or what they had done at school. It was to encourage them to consider issues outside of their normal sphere of influence, to listen to your part of the conversation and to throw questions right back at you.


Last week I then came across a series of posts inspired by Ride The Waves of Life where Mummy Bloggers had interviewed their little ones. The answers were cute and funny and it was fascinating to see the world through a child’s eyes.

Check them out here:

Mom – According to Liam at Ride The Waves of Life.

Mama’s Interview at Under The Big Blue Sky.

My Interview at A Modern Mother.

Photo by peasap.

Happily inspired, I forced my 8 year old to sit down so I could probe deep into his thoughts.

As this is a toys blog rather than a mummy blog, I came up with a different set of questions for him about toys, although couldn’t help myself but ask the original interview questions too.

So here goes:

Mum (37) interviews Ben (8) about toys:

1. How often do you think you should get a new toy? EVERY DAY

2. How much do toys cost? 1 EURO

3. How much do we spend on buying you new toys each year? 100 EUROS

4. Do all children have toys? NO

5. Which is more important: toys or clothes? TOYS

6. When do you think you deserve a new toy? WHEN I HELP

7. Will you be keeping your toys tidy in your room this summer holiday? NO

8. What should we do with the toys you no longer play with? SELL THEM

9. Which is your favourite toy at the moment? OOOOH … EVERYTHING … UUM MY VIDEO CAMERA

10. Which is your least favourite toy? MY POWER RANGERS NINJA STORM VISOR LIGHTER

11. If you could have a new toy tomorrow what would it be? A BOX OF DINOSAURS

12. If you could be a cartoon hero, who would it be? DINO BOY

13. When will you buy your children toys? WHEN THEY’VE BEEN GOOD.

14. What do you think my favourite toy was when I was young? BARBIE

And lastly the Mum Interview:

1. What is something Mum always says to you? I LOVE YOU

2. What makes Mum happy? HELPING HER AND SAYING PLEASE


4. How does Mum make you laugh? BY TICKLING ME

5. What was Mum like as a child? I DON’T KNOW

6. How old is Mum? 37

7. How tall is Mum? 3.5 METRES

8. What is her favorite thing to do? WORK

9. What does Mum do when you’re not around? WORK

10. If Mum becomes famous, what will it be for? SINGING

11. What is Mum really good at? MATHS

12. What is Mum not very good at? PLUMBING

13. What does Mum do for her job? WORKS ON HER WEBSITE

14. What is Mum’s favorite food? CHEESE

15. If Mum was given one wish, what would it be? TO HAVE A FANTASTIC HOUSE

Where do they come up with this stuff? Sometimes you wonder if you live in the same house! It’s scary but worth a try! Let me know how you get on in the comments.

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