If your child is mad about the hit Cartoon Network show called Ben 10 and they have a birthday party coming up, the chances are you will be considering trying to give the party a bit of character with a Ben 10 theme. There are many Ben 10 party supplies you can find to make your life easier but the Ben 10 cake can sometimes be a bit of stumbling block.

Buying a Ben 10 Cake

Ben 10 has been growing in popularity for the last 5 years and as such supermarkets have cottoned on to this market and now offer you a few options for readymade Ben 10 cakes. If your local store is not quite there yet, you may find a helpful bakery locally who will turn a Ben 10 image you take them into a Ben 10 birthday cake, but this can sometimes cost more than you want to pay. If you prefer to keep costs down, making a cake yourself can be the best option.

Make Your Own Ben 10 Cake With Ben 10 Cake Toppers

If you are a dab hand at cake decorating, then you won’t need any tips from me, but you may need some inspiration. Check out our popular post of 10 stunning examples of Ben 10 cakes others have made before you.

If you are not quite up to that sort of creativity, Ben 10 cake toppers can be just the thing for you. With these you can bake the basic cake yourself, top it with ready roll icing and just place the topper on the top and you’re done! Phew.

You can find a Ben 10 cake topper for both a rectangular and a circular cake but make sure you bake your cake so that the topper will fit. The square version is 7” in size and the circular one is 7.5” in diameter. Alternatively you can find toppers for Ben 10 cupcakes if you prefer these individual cakes to the larger scale version. You can also find combinations of the two if you shop around online.

Toppers are either edible icing sheets or made of edible rice paper. They can be stored at room temperature for up to 6 months or if frozen will last a year. Rice paper toppers can be cut out with scissors and then stuck to the cake with icing.

For added interest, try adding some green food dye when making the cake so you can carry on the alien party theme. You can also have the topper personalised with some retailers for that extra special touch.

One more option is the Smash Down Ben 10 Cake Decorating Kit. This reusable kit comes with a 3” Ben 10 figure which moves when you press a button as well as three small plastic pictures of various aliens. You will need to bake and ice a cake but can use these items to decorate it.

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Smash Down Kit Cake Picks 30 Cupcake Toppers

Finally if you fancy being a bit creative but are not up to fancy icing, try creating a scene on the cake top with your child’s Ben 10 figures – make sure you wash them thoroughly first of course! You could even buy them some new ones and make the cake part of their presents.

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