Well decorated childrens birthday cakes can be truly stunning. If you have a Ben 10 birthday coming up and have the inclination to try your hand at Ben 10 cake decorating, here are some designs to get you inspired.

By Let Them Eat Cake (www.nadia-zucchelli.blogspot.com)

By ‘Let Them Eat Cake’

By Anna Banana's Online Bakeshop (www.annabananna72.multiply.com)

By ‘Anna Banana’s Online Bakeshop’

A key element of the cake should be the Ben 10 Omnitrix. For Ben 10 cakes, from £50, in the Surrey area please contact Sarah at The Celebration Cake.

By Let Them Eat Cake (www.nadia-zucchelli.blogspot.com)

By ‘Let Them Eat Cake’

Cake by Dina's Cakes

By ‘Dina’s Cakes’

By Deanna Dodd (www.coolest-birthday-cakes.com)

By ‘Deanna Dodd’

By Snooky Doodle Cakes (www.snookydoodlecakes.blogspot.com)

By ‘Snooky Doodle Cakes’

By Dolce (www.dolce.swaymyway.com)

By ‘Dolce’

By Bernadette C. (www.coolest-birthday-cakes.com)

By ‘Bernadette C.’

By Monalita B. (www.coolest-birthday-cakes.com)

By ‘Monalita B.’

By Cherry Potato (www.cherry-potato.blogspot.com)

By ‘Cherry Potato’

If you still need a hand with your Ben 10 birthday cake decorations try these best cake decorating tips or buy a Ben 10 cake topper to get you started:

(Hover over image for current price.)

Alternatively you could cheat and buy this nice “Ben 10 Celebration Cake” made with sponge and buttercream, that serves 12 people for £7.49 from Sainsburys!

Ben 10 Celebration Cake

To check out the full range of Ben 10 party supplies and toys, please visit our main Ben 10 toys site.

If you have made a stunning Ben 10 Birthday Cake and would like to showcase your work here please leave me a link in the comments section and I will update the post.

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