The Ben 10 Ultimate Alien toys have been in shops over in the US for a while (US visitors please click here), but at last we are seeing some in the UK now too. With this third installment of the popular Ben 10 series having aired on Cartoon Network on 10/10/10 (nice date!), you should be expecting your Ben 10 fan’s Christmas list to include a few of these new goodies.

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Here is some idea of what you can expect to find in this new range.

As with all of the Ben 10 toys range, the new toys will centre around the new Omnitrix watch called the Ultimatrix and the 10cm alien character figures.

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Ultimatrix & New Omnitrix

There are a few versions of the new watch – the Vuescope Ultimatrix and the Disc Alien Ultimatrix – one of which is likely to be the next Ben 10 toy that your children will have to have. There is also a Legacy Omnitrix for slightly older children and an Omnitrix Bi-Optixx with lenticular disks for younger children.

Don’t get confused between these two new Ben 10 Ultimatrix though as per usual one is better than the other. They are both aiming to look more like the Omnitrix from the cartoon show by offering the ability for alien characters to be shown above the watch face. This is central to the cartoon’s story line where Ben sees his alien alter egos projected from the watch before transforming into them.

Vuescope Ultimatrix

The Vuescope is the poor relation here as it achieves this via two viewing cones which stand on top of the Ultimatrix. Each cone has six images of different aliens. Insert the Vuescope viewing core into the Ultimatrix and twist, to project light out of the core to reveal one of the six aliens.

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Disc Alien Ultimatrix

The Disc Alien Ultimatrix is much more realistic as the Disc Aliens are popped into the toy but they then pop up once activated to reveal a 3D version of the chosen alien. This watch also has realistic voices and character sounds from the show. It is also a two-in-one toy as you get a 10cm figure with it. You can get more of the Disc Aliens by buying more of the Ultimate Alien 10cm figures.

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Legacy Omnitrix

The Legacy Omnitrix is not just a role play watch, it is the ultimate Omnitrix set for any Ben 10 fan. With this pack of 35 interchangeable pieces you get to build your own version of the Omnitrix. There is even a lightcore. You design it, you build it and then you can take it all apart and build another of the 1000 possible combinations.

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Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Figures

10 cm Action Figures

In the 10cm articulated figures range, there are new alien characters to collect in the largest selection ever, such as Armodrillo, Rath and Lodestar but you can also get some old favorites in a new ‘Ultimate’ version such as Ultimate Humungousaur and Ultimate Swampfire. Each new figure comes with a Disc Alien that can be used with the Ultimatrix. The ultimate versions of old aliens have been brought out to match those from the new show where the new Omnitrix gives existing characters extra strength and more powerful abilities. The toys are bulkier than their predecessors.

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Alter Alien Figures

These are odd looking figures. They are effectively a block head which can transform into a new character when you flip down the sides of the head. They come in packs of two and there are 12 packs to collect.

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15cm DNA Alien Heroes

The slightly larger articulated figures are again represented in the new Ultimate Alien toy line. They each have two unique features such as arms that shoot missiles or water and retractable hoods.

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Alien Creation Chamber Figures

The popular creation chamber figures are again represented in the Ultimate Alien line of toys. These 7.5cm mini figures come in packs of two with heads, arms, legs and bodies that can be taken apart and reassembled as different alien creations. There is also an Alien Creation Transporter where these different creations can take place (although they can also be made manually) as well as where the toys can be carried about or stored.

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Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Vehicles

Mark 10 Deluxe Vehicle

This super Ben 10 vehicle is actually four vehicles in one – a racer, hovercraft, submarine and fighter jet – and also comes with a 10cm figure. It has lights, sounds and missiles.

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Alien Creation Battle Launchers

This small three-in-one set comes with a Creation Chamber figure as well as a vehicle and a launcher. The packaging also doubles up as a ramp and there are six figures and launchers to collect.

Not available just yet

As well as these central toys you can also find comic book sets that come with two 10cm figures and the new video game called Ben10 Ultimate Alien Cosmic Destruction (which will be available in the UK from 8 October – pre order now).

As soon as any of these toys are available to buy in the UK I will update you!

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