Guess what just popped through the letterbox. From the millions of childrens books out there my 8 year old’s grandparents chose “Why Eating BOGEYS Is Good For You“. It looks like they struck gold though because as soon as the envelope was ripped off, he (Ben) couldn’t put it down.

This cute little 310 page childrens book is full of wacky questions and answers children will be fascinated by. Some are silly, some come from a moral standpoint, others explain the evolution of sayings but all are genuinely fun and useful tidbits of information. Numerous cartoon style illustrations add to its appeal for children.

The best books teach children things in an entertaining way and this book certainly delivers. So what fun and useful facts can your children learn from this book? Here are a few of the crazy facts that were of interest in our house:

  • Why do we have tonsils? This was of great interest to Ben who was ill with tonsillitis every six weeks for years. Finally we found a herbal treatment that’s kept him well for nearly a year now – thanks Mohi!
  • Wasps. Why? Much to the disappointment of my husband I have passed on my paranoia of these abominable creatures to my son. The good reasons for their existence did not cut it for us or the author.
  • Is there any cream in cream crackers? Ben loves cream crackers but hates cream so he had a little panic there thinking he would never be able to eat them again. He’s a bit crazy like that.  He can put himself off anything.  Anyway he was grateful to read the answer was ‘No’!
  • Is it really necessary to wait for food to be digested before swimming? Another very pertinent point to Ben at the moment as we’re on summer holidays over here in Spain already. So there he was waiting after his lunch, as instructed, before going swimming when he came across this page. Damn, I’d been proved wrong in black and white no less.
  • Why don’t women have beards? This is a touchy subject in our house as last week my husband conned me good and proper with one of his practical jokes.  He pulled a thick, black hair from God knows where (but certainly not from me!), came over to me all lovingly then recoiled, plucked at my face and produced this horrible hair.  I was aghast for the 10 seconds it took him to fall about in fits of laughter. Nice … I’ll get him back!
  • Why is poo brown? I had to listen to this while eating lunch – yuk!
  • Where does bellybutton fluff come from? Another yuk!

There are also a few unanswered questions at the end you may be able to help with!

  • How come wrong numbers are never engaged?
  • How do you throw away a dustbin?

If you’re after some reading material for your 7+ year olds this summer I would highly recommend this addictive little book.  As you can see it is full of interesting and weird facts that will keep them off the computer games and even encourage a bit of reading in those usually most reluctant. You may even get hooked yourself.

And if you were wondering, yes apparently eating bogeys is good for you if picked with a clean finger!

Does your child ask you the most bizarre, off the planet questions.  Mine does . Try these for two I can remember from the last week: “Mummy, can dogs smile?” and “If there’s pitch black, is there pitch red?” If you’ve heard some great questions only children dare to ask, please leave me a comment.

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